On what hand should you wear an engagement ring and wedding ring on?

As different cultures mix in our modern societies, we see some women wearing their engagement and wedding rings on their right hands and others on their left. Who is right? How you answer that question is going to depend on three factors: 1. What country you are from, 2. Your religion and 3. Your personal […]

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Every year approximately 133 million carats of diamonds are bought and sold. 30% of these stones enter the jewellery market where they represent eternity, love and beauty. The remaining 70% of diamonds go to industrial applications. All together these stones provide jobs for about 10 million people around the world.Diamonds play an important part in […]

The History of Engagement Rings: From Iron to Diamonds

Engagement rings have a long and interesting history. They first appear in historical writings and archeological findings dating back to 2,000 years ago. Although the appearance of engagements rings and the customs surrounding them have evolved over the years, their purpose of joining two hearts for a lifetime has continued unchanged. Early engagement rings History […]

The 5 Most Extraordinary Diamond Heists (Spot the fake one)

Diamond heists are intriguing. Compared to other crimes, they involve a higher level of prowess, more intricate planning and carefully refined skills which leaves many of them unsolved for decades. Below you will find 5 extraordinary diamond heists. Four of them are true and one is fictional. Read them, use your detective skills to identify […]

Prince Harry’s choice of Engagement Ring for Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is one of those moments that has excited people all over the world. Apart from the fact that Prince harry is a royal and the son of one of the most beloved women in recent history Princess Diana, the world always wondered who […]

Where Do Precious Gemstones Come From?

We source many precious and semi-precious stones for our quality jewellery pieces and they come from all over the world. Gemstones are defined by the World Jewellery Confederation as “natural inorganic material” and, with the exception of pearls, they come from very specific locations. Gemstones from Africa Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique sit on a wealth […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most expensive natural materials in the world, and like all expensive things, mankind constantly seeks to clone a cheaper, mass-produced version. The first synthetic diamond was produced in the 1950s in Stockholm, Sweden. Known by the unromantic term “diamond grit”, synthetic diamonds are largely created for industrial purposes such as […]

What Jewellery Gifts to Offer for Special Occasions

The most important milestones in life are traditionally marked by precious jewellery gifts, particularly the giving of rings to mark weddings, engagements and anniversaries.  A jewellery gift lasts forever, becoming a family heirloom and providing future generations with a tangible link to treasure. Having a bespoke piece of jewellery designed is the ultimate personal gift. […]

Infographic: How to buy an engagement ring online

Since an engagement ring is a sentimental piece and often a sizable monetary purchase, you need to make sure you’re getting exactly what you pay for. Here are some of our thoughts about shopping online for an engagement ring.