How to Find Out Her Ring Size without Her Finding Out

There is nothing more romantic and exciting than a surprise proposal. However, while it sounds good on paper – in reality it can be a bit more difficult to pull off. If you are set on a surprise proposal you need to start out by finding out the right ring size of your significant other. This can be difficult to do, especially if you want to keep the whole proposal a secret but there are ways to go about it without her finding out before the special moment. Let’s look at how to find out her ring size without her finding out what your plans are.

Man proposing

1. Take her shopping with you

When you are considering buying an engagement ring for your girlfriend you can always ask her in a subtle, smooth way. You can take her to a few jewellery boutiques and ask her to try out various bands, saying you are shopping for a birthday present for your sister, mother, niece or cousin. Of course, this is only suitable if the woman you claim to be shopping for has similar physique to your girlfriend’s. One of the benefits of this approach is that the selection of the ring will be a shared experience, even if your fiancée-to-be doesn’t realize it. You will be able to ask her advice on what she thinks looks good on a woman and how she imagines her ideal ring to feel and look like.

Take her shopping

2. Turn to her friends for advice

A great way to find out your girlfriend’s ring size is to ask one of her friends. Women share and know everything about each other, so this is a safe bet. Even if they don’t happen to know it – it would be easier for them to ask her nonchalantly and tell you later. Another fun idea would be to ask one of her friends to take her “engagement ring shopping” and share ideas and expectations of their future weddings. This can give you some valuable insight into how your girlfriend would want to be proposed to and what ring style would be best to pick.

Turn to her friends

3. Look into her treasure chest

Every girl has a unique collection of jewellery and sentimental pieces she’s amassed throughout the years. Pick out any of the rings you have seen her wear on her ring finger and use it as a reference to determine her size. Be sure to select a ring she doesn’t wear often and won’t notice it missing. Looking through her jewellery will also give you an idea of what pieces she likes to wear and what style of engagement ring you should look for.

Treasure chest

4. Copy Smartly

If you prefer to play it safe – you can always take one of her rings and trace it on a piece of paper. Or, better yet, press it against a bar of soap and you will have a perfect imprint of her ring size. You can be sure that this will give you the exact measurements down to the millimetre!

Copy smartly

5. Go with the average

It is not too difficult to determine the ring size of most women. The average ring size for most women is between a 5 and 7 (49 to 54 mm). You can use these averages to determine her ring size without her knowing. If she is taller or has elongated fingers, you can always go down a size, although bear in mind it is always safer to size up when you don’t have exact measurements.

6. Simply Ask Her

Sometimes, it simply pays to be direct with your significant other and simply ask her. It is far more common for couples to go ring shopping together these days and it can turn into a real bonding experience. Next time you are talking about the future, your plans, hopes and dreams – it might make sense to just…ask her.

Ask her ring size

All of these methods are proven to give good results for men when they want to keep the proposal an unexpected and romantic event. Using several of the methods above will result in a very good approximation, but there is always the risk that it will be slightly off, so always try and be as thorough as possible and you are guaranteed to surely put a smile on her lips as you get down on one knee.

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