Beldiamond engagement rings
Tailor-made jewellery

Make the big moments

Beldiamond wedding rings
Tailor-made jewellery

Make the big moments

Beldiamond jewellery
Tailor-made jewellery

Make the big moments

A tailor-made engagement ring that captures your story.

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A wedding ring that matches your style perfectly.

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Lab-grown jewellery collection.

Discover our Lab-grown jewellery collection

Tailor-made just for you.

Our Tailor-made Jewellery process

We offer you

Personalised Guidance

Purchasing an engagement ring is an entire experience in itself. We have found that personalised guidance is key to finding your perfect ring. We, therefore, actively guide and advise you throughout the entire process.

Diamonds from Antwerp

Located in the diamond capital of the world, we have access to an exclusive selection of the finest natural diamonds and gemstones. All of our gemstones are ethically sourced, certified and carefully chosen for their quality and beauty.

Fine Craftsmanship

Our jewels are designed and handcrafted in our atelier in Antwerp by the most skillful and experienced artisans. We combine the artisanal ways of creating jewellery with modern tools such as 3D designs and sketches to create your perfect piece of jewellery, tailored to your story.


Learn about jewellery & gemstones.

Jewellery is a small universe with its own language. We want to help you understand the world of jewellery, prepare to choose the right gemstone and a lot more. Visit our guidance page to learn about gemstones and jewellery.

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