Size Guide

Finding the right ring size can seem complicated at first, especially if you’re planning a surprise. Here’s a few tools and tips that can help you. Even if you don’t get it right, rest assured, at Beldiamond the first resize is complimentary for life, shipping included.

How to measure a ring size?

If you’re planning a surprise:

1. Print our ring size chart and place a ring on the paper to see which circle matches the ring. Make sure to choose a ring that is worn on the correct finger.

Download our ring size chart

2. Measure the inside diameter of a ring with a calliper or a ruler. You can then convert that measurement into the appropriate ring size with our size converter table.

Download our ring size conversation table

If it’s not a surprise:

You can contact us by mail to request a ring sizer. We will ship it by post, free of charge and without any strings attached.

Request a free ring sizer

Extra tips for choosing the right ring size

  • The average ring size for a woman is between 52 and 54. Very thin fingers have a size of 49 or 50, while thicker ones will be around 55 or 56. A ring should fit your finger comfortably, without being too tight. You should feel a light resistance when sliding it over your knuckle.
  • For a man, the average size for a wedding ring is between 56 to 60. Keep in mind that a ring with a wide band needs to be slightly larger (add 1 extra size for a comfortable fit).
  • Finger size can vary from one finger to the other (for the same person). Therefore, make sure you measure the correct finger on the correct hand. For engagement rings, this is usually the ring finger on the left hand. However, this can vary according to your culture. 
  • Finger size can vary slightly according to the temperature. Fingers usually tend to be thinner in winter and thicker in summer.
  • If you’re hesitating between two sizes, we suggest that you choose the larger size rather than the smaller one. By choosing the larger size, you have a better chance of the ring sliding all the way on when you’re making your proposal!

Still not sure about how to measure? Ask our advice