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7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Diamond
In order to value a diamond in the most accurate way, some factors are taken into consideration. The following 7 characteristics of diamonds will help you think like a professional jeweller.
The Differences Between Gold and Platinum

Gold and platinum are the two most popular precious metals used in jewellery today. Choosing between the two can be difficult because they each have their advantages and disavantages. Learn in this article their subtle differences which may help you make your final choice.

The Different Types of Engagement Ring Settings

A ring setting plays an important part in the overall beauty and sparkle of an engagement ring and how it wears over time. This article explains the different types of ring settings that are used for centre gemstones and those used for accent gems.

Understanding The Four Main Precious Stones
Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are four of the most valuable and sought-after gemstones in the world. Here are some interesting facts and features of these four sparkling beauties.
How to Choose a Quality Sapphire
Captivating. Beautiful. Brilliant. Elegant. These are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe sapphires. Sapphires are one of the 4 precious stones that are frequently used in engagement rings and other jewellery.
How to Choose a Quality Emerald
Emeralds have a captivating beauty. They radiate hope, faithfulness, and love that lasts for all eternity. Emeralds are frequently used in engagement rings and are one of the 4 most precious stones on earth.
How to Choose a Quality Ruby
Sometimes bold, other times delicate, always fiery and romantic, rubies are one of nature’s exquisite beauties. They are one of the 4 precious stones that are frequently set in engagement rings and other jewellery.
Where Do Precious Gemstones Come From?

The different gemstones that we use for our jewellery pieces come from all over the world. Discover here in which specific region are recovered these gifts of nature and how we make the difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Every year approximately 133 million carats of diamonds are bought and sold. Diamonds play an important part in our personal lives and in the world around us, but where do all these diamonds come from?

What Exactly is a Diamond Carat
A diamond’s carat weight is very important and as you browse diamonds, you might notice a few other words, such as size and points, which are closely related to a diamond’s carats. In this article we are explaining exactly what a carat is and define words that are related to it.
Comparing the Different Diamond Colour Grades

We generally think of diamonds as colourless. In reality, though, most diamonds have a degree of colour. A diamond’s colour greatly influences its value and beauty, so it is important to carefully consider a diamond’s colour before you purchase it.

What Diamond Clarity Should I Choose
Clarity refers to the diamond’s purity. All natural diamonds show traces of their growth history, which are minor internal characteristics. Discover in this article seven diamonds under a loupe which will help you to understand how and why a clarity grade is assigned to a specific diamond.
Why a Diamond’s Cut is So Important
A diamond’s cut determines how much light the stone reflects. The diamond may have great colour, clarity and carat, but if it reflects only a little light it will be dull and lifeless, while a diamond with a great cut will emanate fire, sparkle and allurement.
The 7 Most Popular Diamond Shapes
Diamonds captivate our attention and hearts with their brilliance, scintillation and fire. Jewellers give diamonds this vivacious beauty by shaping the stone so that it disperses light efficiently.
Why You Should Buy a Certified Diamond
To the untrained eye, most certified and uncertified diamonds look identical. But one should not neglect the importance of a grading report, unveiling all the quality characteristics of a diamond, and ultimately, determining its value.
How to be sure your diamond is ethical
When you’re selecting a ring consistent with your values, there are a few ways to ensure that your diamond has been ethically sourced without compromising quality.