Questions To Ask a Jeweller When Buying an Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring, or any other piece of fine jewellery, is a significant investment that holds a lot of emotional value. That’s why, making an appointment with a jeweller and determining if they are trustworthy is the first step towards finding the perfect ring.

This first step can be intimidating since there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding precious gemstones and some jewellers lack transparency.

In this article we will give you all the questions that you should ask a jeweller to help you determine if the jeweller is honest, knowledgeable and able to guide you through the process of choosing an engagement ring.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your  Appointment With the Jeweller

In order to help the jeweller guide you efficiently, start by giving them an idea of what you are looking for in a ring.
Here are some important questions to ask yourself before the meeting and share with the jeweller during your appointment.

1. Which central stone are you looking for?

The central gemstone usually represents the majority of the budget. It is the most important information that the jeweller needs to know. 

Are you interested in a diamond? Or would you prefer a colourful stone, like a sapphire, emerald or ruby?

Diamonds are generally more expensive than other precious stones, but it is possible to have a beautiful diamond for a reasonable price.

2. Which shape do you prefer for the central gemstone?

The round brilliant cut is the most common shape for diamonds, followed by the oval, pear and cushion cuts. First narrow down your options, then learn all the attributes that make it unique such as brilliance and how it affects its price. Gemstone shapes also influence the way the ring looks on your hand, so don’t hesitate to try them on.

Have a look at the 7 most popular diamond shapes.

3. What is your budget?

A good jeweller will have access to a lot of different gemstones. Choosing a budget allows the jeweller to make a selection of stones around it. Some gemstones will have a slightly better colour, some will have less inclusions and some will have a bigger carat weight. For diamonds, you’ll have to prioritise which of the 4Cs is more important for you (Carat, Colour, Cut, Clarity).

4. How to know the correct finger size? 

If you’re planning a surprise proposal, one of the easiest things to do is to print a ring size chart and place one of her rings on it. You can find an example of a ring chart here. Make sure to choose a ring that is worn on the correct finger.

Questions to Ask the Jeweller During the Appointment

Questions about the diamond or other gemstones:

1. What are the 4Cs of a diamond?

The 4Cs (carat, cut, clarity, colour) are the basic and most important information about diamonds you need to learn. Once you understand them, the jeweller should guide you to classify them in order of priority according to your preferences.

2. Can you show me a few gemstones options around my budget?

The jeweller should be willing and able to suggest several gemstones that fit your preferences and budget.

3. What certification do the gemstones have?

As you look at the suggested gemstones, ask about the certification that they have and make sure that the certificates come from reputable labs, such as GIA, HRD or AGS. Certificates guarantee the characteristics of the stone on your ring.

Questions about the ring’s design:

Once the central gemstone is chosen, it’s time to talk about the design. The design of an engagement ring includes the metal it is made from, its colour, its accent gemstones settings, its shape and overall style. Here are some questions that you should ask about your ring’s design that often get overlooked.

4. What setting type do you suggest for the central stone?

The setting affects the ring’s design and the gemstone’s sparkle. This is why it’s important to know this detail and choose it wisely.

5. What are the different band shapes? 

Another often overlooked detail is the band shape. Although this doesn’t directly affect the sparkle or overall look of the central stone, it is important to take it into account for aspects such as comfort.

6. What is the difference between gold and platinum bands? 

If you are open to considering a silver-coloured band, ask the jeweller to explain the difference between white gold and platinum.

You can start learning about both metals by reading our article "The Differences Between Gold and Platinum”.

7. Can I get a sketch or 3D design of the ring?

If you are getting a custom ring, most jewellers will be happy to provide a sketch or 3D design upon request.

Final Questions

Before you leave your appointment with the jeweller, here are a few more questions that are important to ask.

1. When and how will the ring be delivered?

This question is important for any ring, but it is especially important if you want the engagement ring to be a surprise and have set dates. Some jewellers provide a tracker code for a secure delivery and discrete packaging in case the proposal is a surprise.

2. What are the payment options?

If you’re looking for a ring that might be over the budget, ask what different payment methods they accept. Some jewellers accept payments in instalments, while others ask for an advance before manufacturing the ring.

3. What is the resizing policy?

If you’re ordering an engagement ring as a surprise, chances are that you won’t get the right size on the first try. Ask the jeweller what their resizing price is. Since resizing is a common issue, some jeweller offers a free resizing as part of their services. 

4. What is the return policy?

It is important to know what the return policy is and whether you can receive your money back in the event that you want to change the ring’s design or the ring doesn’t meet your expectations.

5. What is the warranty?

Most jewellers give a warranty for small repairs and professional cleanings that the ring may need. These warranties often have certain conditions that must be met in order for the warranty to be valid. Make sure you understand these to avoid future misunderstandings.

6. How do I clean and maintain the ring?

Constant caring and occasional cleaning are needed to allow the ring to look its best and sparkle to its full potential. Ask the jeweller some tips on how to clean the ring at home and ways to prevent scratches.

Here’s an article that can help you “How to Take Care for Your Jewellery

7. Should I insure my ring?

Buying insurance for a ring is usually a good idea to protect your investment if the ring is lost or stolen. However, this remains a very personal decision. Upon request some jeweller can write a letter of appraisal for your insurance company. However, we recommend that you contact your insurer for advice.

Purchasing such a personal and costly item is a process that must be done thoughtfully. While you go through the appointment with the jeweller, make sure you feel guided and not pressured. It is important that you are understood and that you understand what is being said to you in order to be completely satisfied with this piece that will mark a milestone in your life.