Guarantees & Services

Our lifetime warranty

Our jewels are handcrafted by the most skilled artisans in Antwerp and we firmly believe in their superior quality. We combine the artisanal ways of creating jewellery with modern tools and make sure that every piece meets our high standard of excellence.

Because we strongly believe in what we do and that fine jewellery is meant to last for generations, we are glad to offer a lifetime warranty to our customers. Our lifetime warranty includes:


The first resizing is complementary on all our rings. This means that at any moment in your life you can send us your ring to resize it. We only charge the shipping fees.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can at any time bring or send us your piece of jewellery for a free cleaning that will give it the sparkles that it had in its early days. We can also polish out any minor scratches that it might have. We only charge the shipping fees.

Rhodium plating

We apply rhodium to our white gold and platinum jewellery to protect them against scratches and give them a reflective white appearance. This protective surface can wear over time depending on how the jewellery is worn. On request, we can re-apply the rhodium plating. We only charge the shipping fees.

Minor repairs

We know that accidents happen to everyone. Perhaps your jewel fell to the ground or took a knock against a wall and was left damaged or missing an accent gemstone. In most cases, we can repair a scratch or replace an accent gemstone free of charge. We only ask for shipping fees. In the rare event that the damages are more serious, we will inspect your jewel to see if it can be repaired and then will send you a quote for the repair.

Manufacturing errors

We thoroughly inspect every jewel that comes out of our atelier, but it can happen that we commit an error and the jewel does not correspond exactly to what you ordered. In these cases, we will change your jewel free of charge. Rest assured, these occasions are very rare!

Our services

Beside our personalized guidance, free shipping and returns and our lifetime warranty, we also provide the following services:

Complimentary engraving

Engraving is free on all our rings. You can choose between 2 fonts. We advise to limit the length to around 30 characters for the sake of readability (e.g. Thomas & Alice 01-01-2050).

Gemstone certificates

All of our diamonds above 0,30 carat are delivered with a certificate from either GIA ( or HRD ( Our coloured gemstones are certified by either GIA or IGI (

These are the most reputable and recognized gem laboratories in the world. They independently grade each gemstone we sell and provide a certificate that has a certificate number. This number is laser inscribed inside each of our diamonds.

Financing options

We make it possible for the invoice to be split in 3 payments over 3 months. We hold the jewellery and deliver it once the full amount is paid.

Free insurance letter

Should you wish to insure your piece of jewellery, we can, on request, write a letter for your insurer.

HRD Antwerp Jewellery Report

On request, we can provide an HRD Antwerp Jewelry Report which is an official document in which an item of jewellery is authenticated for different purposes, such as insurance, inheritance or purchase.

Free jewellery appraisal

If you inherited gemstones or fine jewellery, we can provide you with a free appraisal and you are under no obligation to sell.

Temporary mounting

If you wish to make a surprise proposal but are unsure about which ring design to choose, we offer the option to propose with a temporary mounting. This means that you can come back later with your partner to choose a new design for your central gemstone.

Diamond upgrade

In the future, under certain conditions, you will be able to exchange your central diamond for a diamond of higher value.

Lab grown diamonds

All the diamonds on our website are natural, but we offer lab-grown diamonds on request.

VAT refund

If you export your piece of jewellery outside of Europe, you are exempt from the Belgian VAT (21%). We can therefore refund you the VAT. In order to reclaim the VAT, you will need to have our invoice stamped by customs before leaving the EU and mail it back to us. As soon as we receive this stamped document, we will refund the VAT.