5 Ways that You can Modernize an Heirloom Engagement Ring

Quality engagement and wedding rings are made to last a lifetime. Many of them survive even longer and are passed down from generation to generation. These family rings are treasured for the memories that they hold, as well as for their precious metals and gemstones.

Unfortunately, most heirloom rings are never worn, because they don’t fit properly, have been damaged or their beauty is outdated. If you have inherited an engagement ring, we are happy to say that there are ways to modernize it, so that you can enjoy wearing it and share its beauty with others.

Heirloom engagement ring

Here are 5 of the best ways to modernize an heirloom engagement ring:

1. Keep the ring’s original design

Antique jewellery is steadily gaining acceptance in modern fashion trends. English fashion designer Alexa Chung and actress Cara Delevingne, as well as American sweetheart Drew Barrymore have all worn antique jewellery and it looks great.

If you like the original design of your heirloom ring, you can repair, repolish and resize it for you and then enjoy wearing it.

2. Add new gemstones to the family heirloom ring

Years ago, jewellery stores had a limited supply of gemstones and most of them were expensive. Today the jewellery market offers a much wider selection of diamonds and other gemstones at more affordable prices.

If you like the band and the stone settings on your heirloom ring, consider giving it new life by replacing its antique gemstones with new ones. The new gemstones could be the same type of stone that the ring already has, but in a different size or with a new cut. You can also use a different type of gemstone.

If you decide to replace the primary diamond or accent gems in your ring, you can keep the antique stones for their sentimental value or have them appraised and consider selling them.

3. Recut the gemstones in an antique ring

Depending on their age, antique diamonds may have the Old European cut or an older version of the round brilliant cut. Other gemstones, such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, that were cut years ago may have been given a cushion, baguette or oval shape.

These antique cuts are beautiful in their own way, but they have been updated in recent years. The modern round brilliant cut, also known as the Tolkowsky cut, and updated fancy cuts give diamonds and other gemstones much more brilliance and appeal than their older counterparts.

You can modernize an inherited ring by simply giving the gemstones an updated cut.

4. Keep the stones but rework the metal of the ring

The diamonds and other gemstones in a ring are usually its most valuable components. If you don’t find your heirloom ring attractive, consider removing its gemstones and incorporating them into a new ring.

This new ring could be made by melting down the gold or other precious metal from the heirloom ring. You can, of course, also keep the band of the inherited ring for its sentimental value.

5. Allow the heirloom ring to inspire a new ring

A few years ago only trained jewellers designed engagement and wedding rings, as well as most other jewellery, but that has changed. Today many jewellers and diamond brokers, such as ourselves, are willing and able to help their clients design their own rings and jewellery.

This improvement in the way that rings are designed makes it possible for you to take the aspects that you love in your heirloom ring and incorporate them into a new modernized ring.

Independent of how you choose to modernize your family ring, be sure to give it a personal touch, for instance engrave a few meaningful words on the band. Adding a personal touch makes the ring a reflection of yourself, as well as a reminder of those who owned it in the past.

After you have modernized your heirloom ring, enjoy wearing it and then one day pass it onto the next generation.