14 Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings to Get You Inspired

14 Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings to Get You Inspired

Whenever we’re looking for inspiration, we often tend to rely on our favourite celebrities’ taste and style to influence ours. Well, engagement rings definitely aren’t the exception.

From royalty to Hollywood, we have compiled a list of some gorgeous engagement rings covering a wide range of designs, that will undoubtedly inspire you to find the ring of your dreams.

Beyoncé’s Engagement Ring

Beyonce engagement ring

Which ring do you choose for an artist worth approximately 500 million dollars? A 5-million-dollar engagement ring; making it one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Jay Z chose Lorraine Schwartz to design the ring Queen B wears, which features a sparkling 18 carats flawless emerald cut diamond set on a classic platinum split shank adorned with pavé-set diamonds.

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Most of us don’t have 5 million dollars resting in our bank account, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t rock a gorgeous diamond on our finger.Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with pavé bandAda’s design features an emerald cut diamond that rests on a band adorned with sparkling accents of pavé-set diamonds. If we add the double shank and a 0,70 carat G VVS2 central diamond, it would cost around 5.650 euros.

Hailey Bieber’s Engagement Ring

Hailey Bieber engagement ring

Justin Bieber made sure that there would be one less lonely girl by asking Hailey to marry him. He proposed with a 10 carats (according to Jack Solow, who co-designed the ring with Justin) oval diamond that is elevated by a hidden halo set on 18k gold. The ring’s estimated cost is 250.000 dollars.

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Nella is an oval solitaire diamond set on a gold or platinum band. If you want to customize it and add a hidden halo to perfectly match Hailey’s ring, the price with a 0,70 carat F SI2 central stone starts at 4.000 euros.Oval diamond solitaire engagement ring

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle engagement ring

Meghan’s ring is as special as her love story. The ring features a gorgeous 3 carats cushion flawless diamond sourced from Botswana, a destination the couple visited when they started dating. The central stone is adorned by two smaller diamonds, one on each side, that came from Princess Diana’s own jewellery collection. The central stone alone is thought to cost around 140.000 dollars. 

The stones were originally set on a simple yellow gold band, but later on Meghan redesigned it to feature a thin micro-pavé band.

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If you found your prince and want a ring as gorgeous as Meghan’s, a ring displaying a 0,90 carat F SI2 cushion diamond adorned by two round diamonds costs approximately 6.000 euros.Trilogy engagement ring with round diamonds and tapered bandTo get an idea, you can check out our ring Teria, which features a similar design, the only difference being that the central stone has a round cut instead of cushion.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Engagement Ring 

Rosie Huntington engagement ring

An elegant ring for an elegant angel. Rosie wears a beautiful 5 carats round cut diamond set on a platinum band with a hidden halo of smaller diamonds. It is reported that Jason Staham picked a flawless diamond from the Edwardian Era for his bride-to-be to match her level of perfection. The ring is reported to cost around 350.000 dollars.

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Our ring Rosie is one of our best sellers, and it comes as no surprise since it’s inspired by her beautiful ring. The starting price for this ring design featuring a 0,70 carat F SI2 round diamond as the central stone is around 4.900 euros.Round Diamond Engagement Ring with hidden halo and pavé diamondsCheck out our article on Rosie Huntington’s ring.

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Princess Diana engagement ring

This ring is as iconic as the person that chose it for her engagement. The ring was chosen by the Princess herself out of Garrard’s catalog instead of continuing the tradition of getting a custom-made jewel. It features a 12 carats royal blue oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds set on a 18k white gold band. The prong setting allows the halo to give a snowflake setting instead of an oval one. Today, it is estimated that the ring would cost around 300.000 to 400.000 dollars.

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More than one bride wishes to wear a ring similar to the Princess’ one but the original price tag makes it nearly impossible.Round Diamond Engagement Ring with hidden halo and pavé diamondsOur Diana ring, inspired by hers, features a 1 carat blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of 12 accent diamonds, for a starting price of 3.600 euros.

Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring

Bennifer came back stronger than ever, and to celebrate that, Ben Affleck proposed with a believed to be 8,5 carats green diamond surrounded by two trapezoid-shaped diamonds, one on each side. The ring was designed by Tamara Rahaminov and Nicol Goldfiner, from Rahaminov Diamonds, and its estimated cost is 5 million dollars. The central stone being green was an especially meaningful choice from the groom since Jennifer stated through her newsletter in the past that green is her lucky colour.

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It’s hard to come close to such a unique ring since the design is very personal and green diamonds are quite rare. But if side-stones and a green central stone is what you’re looking for, check out our ring Valentina Green

Emerald Engagement Ring with Side Baguette Diamonds
This retro ring showcases a gorgeous emerald with two baguette diamonds on each side. The starting price is 3.000 euros.

Sophie Turner’s Engagement Ring 

Sophie Turner engagement ring

Part of admiring celebrities’ lifestyles is wishing we could relate to them. Joe Jonas and Sofie Turner are the perfect couple for that. Sofie wears a simple but sophisticated pear-shaped diamond set on two fine bands that are embellished with pavé stones. It is reported that the ring’s cost was around 150.000 dollars.

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Our Thea ring design matches the closest to Sofie’s ring. Pear-shaped Diamond Halo Engagement RingHowever, if you want the design to be as similar as Sophie’s ring, featuring a 0,70 carat F SI2 pear diamond, it would cost around 4.500 euros.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring

Emily Ratajkowski engagement ring

Toi et Moi rings aren’t exactly a classical and conventional option but it sure is an eye-catching one. Sebastian Bear-McClard proposed with a Toi et Moi ring featuring an estimated 3 carats pear diamond next to an estimated 2 carats princess cut diamond set on a yellow gold band. The best part? It was designed by the couple itself. Its estimated cost is between 50.000 and 90.000 dollars.

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If you dream of having a ring like Emily’s, the starting price is 8.800 euros for a ring featuring a princess cut and a pear cut diamond, both having 0,70 carat and FVS2 quality. 

Sofia Vergara’s Engagement Ring

Sofia Vergara engagement ring

Dreams come true, and this couple proves it. Joe Manganiello proposed to his celebrity crush (in Spanish) and she said yes! The Colombian bombshell wears on her finger a jaw-dropping 5 to 7 carats cushion cut diamond embraced by a sparkling halo set on a platinum band adorned by pavé set diamonds.

It is speculated that the ring costs nearly half a million dollars.

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One of our best sellers is here to help you get Sofia Vergara’s look.Cushion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Chiara and its eye-catching cushion cut diamond and diamond halo are the perfect option. With a 0,70 carat F SI2 diamond as a central stone, the ring costs around 4.500 euros.

Katy Perry’s Engagement Ring

Katy Perry engagement ring

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Orlando Bloom got one knee and flashed a flower-shaped ring. It is no surprise since throughout their relationship they have played around the “flower” and “bloom” nouns based on his last name. The ring features a ruby embraced by a halo of 8 white diamonds that gives the illusion of a flower “in bloom”. It is reported he bought the ring from Delphi Antiques in Dublin and it’s a centuries-old original collector’s item. Because of this, Orlando Bloom presumably paid 4.8 million dollars for the ring. 

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It’s not easy to find a ring whose design is close enough to Katy’s taking into account hers is a collector’s item. Nevertheless, a similar look is possible.Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring with Cluster Halo DiamondsWe can customize our Enora ring by putting a ruby as the central stone instead of a royal blue sapphire. For such a ring with a 1 carat ruby and a cluster halo of 8 diamond, the starting price is 5.000 euros.

Mila Kunis’ Engagement Ring

Mila Kunis engagement ring

Ashton Kutcher proposed to his long-time friend and multiple time co-star Mila Kunis with an astonishing 3,5 carats round cut Tiffany solitaire diamond set on a six-prongs platinum band. The ring’s cost is approximately 250.000 dollars.

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Solitaires are the most popular engagement ring and rightfully so. This gorgeous design is versatile, elegant and timeless.Six prong solitaire diamond engagement ring with knife edge bandIf you want to get the Mila Kunis ring style, check out our ring Tina. If we use a 0,70 carat diamond F SI2 clarity, the ring would cost around 3.400 euros.

Sofia Richie’s Engagement Ring

Sofia Richie engagement ring

Classical, elegant and stylish are the perfect words to describe Sofia’s engagement ring. The groom chose a 6 carats emerald cut diamond set on a simple and delicate platinum band. The ring could cost approximately 100.000 to 300.000 dollars depending on the characteristics of the stone.

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Emerald cuts are one of the biggest 2022 trends due to their elegant and modern design. 

Emerald cut diamond solitaire engagement ring

If you want to get Sofia’s look with our Lea design featuring a 0,70 carat diamond G VVS2 emerald cut diamond, the ring would cost around 5.300 euros.

Avril Lavigne’s Engagement Ring

Avril Lavigne engagement ring

For the heart shaped diamond lovers, Avril Lavigne has come through to inspire you. Mod Sun proposed in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, with a 14 carats heart shaped diamond adorned with sparkling accents of pavé-set diamonds on the band. To make it even more personal and special, the band is engraved with “Mod + Avril” and “Hi Icon”; the latest being the first words he spoke to her.

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If you want to rock Avril’s style, our ring Eleonore is what you’re looking for. Eleonore features a diamond halo, but as a tailor-made jewellery brand, we customize any ring to the preferences and style of each client.

Heart Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

If say we use a 0,50 carat diamond with F colour and SI2 clarity, the ring would cost around 2.750 euros. However, with the popular 1 carat central stone, the price would start at 8.350 euros.

Pippa Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Pippa Middleton engagement ring

This ring is the definition of extraordinary. James Matthews proposed to Pippa Middleton with a 3,5 carats asscher cut diamond surrounded by an octagonal halo of smaller diamonds. 

It is estimated that the ring costs between 200.000 and 250.000 dollars.

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To have such a unique ring like Pippa’s sparkling on your finger with a 0,70 carat FVVS2 central stone, set aside a budget of around 6.000 euros.

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Let’s create your engagement ring 

We hope this list has inspired you to choose an engagement ring that matches your story. The good news is that, when it comes to engagement rings, the possibilities are almost limitless.

At Beldiamond we create tailor-made engagement rings. Meaning that you can get inspired by any of these models and put your personal touch.

Our jewellery experts are here to guide you every step of the way.