Prince Harry’s choice of Engagement Ring for Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is one of those moments that has excited people all over the world. Apart from the fact that Prince harry is a royal and the son of one of the most beloved women in recent history Princess Diana, the world always wondered who the lucky woman would be when he would pop the question. The stunning cushion cut diamond engagement ring he custom designed for her looks fantastic. The yellow gold ring is a perfect reminder that classic metals and shapes will stand the test of time for an engagement ring.

Meghan Markles Engagement Ring

Interestingly the proposal also highlights how times have changed too. Almost to the week 81 years ago King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry the woman he loved. Today the 6th in line to the throne announced his engagement to a divorcée African American. This is probably one of the most important moments for the royal family and how it has evolved with the times for the better. It also highlights changing attitudes toward marriage and what age is appropriate. Meghan in this instance is 3 years senior to Harry, but the great thing is that they connect on the bigger values in life which is what marriage is all about. We couldn’t be happier for them and think it is a great moment in history to see ever evolving attitudes toward marriage and love.

The Proposal

The proposal took place a few weeks ago at their home. They had already been dating for 16 months and Clarence house, the official PR department for the Royals confirmed the news. Prince Harry had also invited Meghan to Botswana earlier this year. This has previously been a key indicator of popping the question as Prince William did the same with Kate in Kenya having carried his mother’s engagement ring in his backpack for three weeks.


In his most recent interview they spoke about how Harry after dinner one night Harry simply wanted to pop the question and plucked up the courage to ask. Meghan before he even finished asking replied, “Can I say yes now!” I mean who wouldn’t? It is one of the most special moments in a person’s life. It was such a sweet and personal proposal and we love the idea that both of them were totally besotted with each other.




The Ring Origin

Botswana mines map

The diamond came from Botswana. A region that is close to Harrys heart. Africa has played an important role for the whole royal family and Prince Harry is also a partron of the Rhino conservationin Botswana. He hand selected the diamond and what most people don’t realise is that he was literally in the heart of the diamond sector for this important task!


Botswana and Diamonds

Botswana is still the largest producer of gem quality diamonds. Diamonds account for 76% of the exports for the country and about 40% of its revenues. This is important as it has allowed the country to pull its populace out of poverty. People forget that since independence Botswana has had the highest average economic growth in the world. It remains a key centre for diamonds and some of the most incredible stones have come out of Africa, in particular Botswana.

Botswana diamond mines

The Design

The design of the ring is a rather simple but elegant three stone concept or Trilogy as it is also known. It is designed to have three stones laid out in an east west fashion.

The important thing to note about three stone rings is that either the stones can be the same size or the central one can be larger and in this case, it is. We think it is a wonderful example of how three stone rings which can seem demure in an age of Halos and Solitaires still have significant symbolic meaning. The three stones represent the Past, Present and Future. The present being the central stone and thus the largest.

Prince Harry Engagement Ring

Key Features

Yellow Gold Shank

When looking at the style it is apparent that the metal used for the shank is yellow gold. This is great news as it highlights yellow gold still has a place in traditionalists hearts and we continue to see a revival of the metal as it is the original precious metal. The one that has stood the test of time and the one that most people saw on their grandmothers and mothers fingers. It is warmer than whiter metal and also wears well too. The ring is most likely in 18 carat yellow gold as this provides both the colour and also the stability for wear and tear. More refined gold would be too soft for a lifetime of wear.

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

Double Claws

The claws look like double claws on the central Cushion cut and these are predominantly used for security and to also use thinner claws to not draw as much attention away from the diamond itself. It does have the effect of squaring off the edges of the cushion cut however almost making it look like a radiant cut.

Cushion cut diamond ring

Platinum Collet

Interestingly the diamonds are cased in a platinum collet (basket type shape that holds the diamonds) which is ideal. Not only will the white metal keep the diamonds looking white and bright it is also structurally a more sound metal and we traditionally tell our customers to consider doing this with yellow gold rings too. Unless the main diamond is a warmer yellow or fancy colour, one should always consider using white for claws and the collet.

Custom Designed

The ring was naturally a custom design and rightly so. Only custom design can give you the true creativity and freedom to have the ring exactly as you want it. Although there are many ready-made rings on the market that will look similar, here there must be special details that were added to make it totally unique in its design. Things like a private engraving can also be incredibly personal for couples and add the surprise and secret element. With custom design you can also change certain details and choose the shape of diamonds and size proportions too.

Diamonds Used

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

The focal point of any engagement ring is the diamond itself. It is the star of show. In this case we have three diamonds. The main diamond is a Cushion cut. Interestingly, cushion cut diamonds are called fancy shaped diamonds in the industry. This is because the diamond can come in varying shapes and cut styles. There are square cushion cuts, rectangular cushion cuts, modified cushion cuts, vintage cushion cuts and the list goes on. The shape is called cushion, as it actually looks like a cushion. Not as expensive as a round and not as edgy as a princess cut, it sits in a happy medium. Softer edges give it its optical look of a cushion and it suits many styles. It has been gaining more traction and we have definitely seen more people request more rings in cushion cuts.

Main Diamond

The main diamond is a cushion cut with a 1.1 or possibly 1.2 ratio. This is to do with the length and width of the diamond. Usually a 1:1 ratio means both the length and width are equal. As the ratio changes from 1, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 the diamond looks longer and more rectangular

cushion cut diamond ratios

The style of the diamond is probably a traditional cushion cut as they are the main style of cuts on the market. Although some variance does exist on this as each cutting facility has its own requirements and style too. However, these are hard to notice unless the diamond is quite significant.

The side stones and Diana

The side stones are round cut diamonds probably a brilliant cut and possibly around about 0.7-0.9 carats each. As round diamonds traditionally look larger than cushion cuts, even a round diamond which is 20-30% smaller can look as big as a cushion in terms of width. In this case the diamonds have come from a jewellery piece from the late Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle Ring on hand

Harry said he wanted her to be a part of this crazy journey together. We are seeing more and more people incorporate their own stones into jewellery too. It is a wonderful thing and gives people the ability to design a ring around an heirloom diamond or precious stone they may have.


Diamonds have so many variables that give them their value. In this instance reports have varied from £50,000 to £150,000 but again this is to do with the colour and clarity of the diamond. We recently checked, such a ring with a 3 carat D colour Internally flawless diamond would come in at 105.000 EUR excluding tax. The same ring with a diamond at a lower colour and clarity for instance a 3 Carat H colour VS1 came in at around 40.000 EUR. So, as you can see there is a significant difference in price for the main diamond.

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring in 1 Carat

The great thing about a three stone ring or Trilogy is that there are a lot of variations one can have. We suggest you consider having something custom made as it will give you the best option in terms of selecting the balance of the side stones matched to the main stone.

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring in 1 Carat
Meghan Markle Engagement Ring in 1 Carat

A one carat ring would come in at around 7.500 EUR for the ring. The diamonds would vary from colour D to H, and clarity VS.

On a Budget

For someone looking to get a similar look without breaking the bank, we suggest picking a three-stone trilogy with round diamonds as it will aesthetically look pleasing and relatively close to the look Meghan’s ring. However, you could also consider a three-stone princess cut ring and work on the side stone sizes to get the look. This is the lowest priced option as princess cuts are traditionally well priced too. Stay in the G/H colour range and VS1/VS2 clarity ensuring the central diamond is graded by a reputable body like the GIA.

trilogy diamond engagement ring

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