Fit for a Royal-in-Law: Pippa Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Miss Pippa Middleton and Mr. James Matthews announced their engagement in July 2016 after a whirlwind romance. Immediately afterwards, Princess Kate‘s sister flashed her huge new rock to photographers outside her London home.

Pippa Middleton's Engagement Ring


About the Ring

The vintage-inspired bling boasts an eye-popping center stone, framed by an octagonal halo of smaller diamonds. Pippa’s vintage-inspired, Deco-style engagement ring is in line with the current jewelry trends amongst engagement rings. The Asscher-cut center diamond is about 3.5 carats. It’s set in a platinum bezel setting and surrounded by white, brilliant-cut diamonds, which add another 1.5 carats. The setting not only exhibits a modern ‘halo’ style, but is also very practical and easy to wear. In addition, it also protects the center diamond from damage, giving it long-term wearability.


Designing your own

Pippa’s engagement ring is a beautiful re-interpretation of the vintage trend in jewelry, but at more than $260,000 it may be a bit costly. However, there are a few ways to make it more affordable to own.

Set in white gold or platinum with a center stone of three carats in size – it certainly has a wow-factor. However, opting for a smaller 1-carat diamond will reduce the cost significantly without affecting its look.

Pippa Middleton's Engagement Ring

A smaller size of the octagonal halo of diamonds and the center stone can retain the appeal of the stunning piece while making it more affordable. You can browse a large selection of similar Asscher-cut classic design with a distinctive Art Deco feel.

Asscher-cut diamonds are step cut, which means there are fewer facets than other shapes like a princess cut, for instance. This means the clarity has to be of the highest quality and close to flawless to enhance the structure of the diamond. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on such an engagement ring. A vintage-inspired Asscher-cut diamond ring with a clarity between VVS and VS come at a much lower price without compromising quality.

We can assist you in finding a piece that lets you channel Pippa’s engagement style or help you design and create your very own based on her impeccable taste!

How much would such a ring cost?

The ring that James Matthews gave to Pippa is estimated to be worth about $260.000 (or about 230.000 EUR), but you can get one just like it at much cheaper prices!

We can use the basic model and combine it with a smaller 0.50cts diamond with H colour and VVS clarity. The end result would be an equally stunning vintage-inspired ring for 2.875 EUR.

For bigger center diamond, weighing 0.75cts, prices would start at 4.500 EUR.